Industrial Training in Chandigarh

CNT TECHNOLOGIES provide Industrial Training for students of B.Tech, Diploma, MCA , as it is very helpful in the developments of professional and technical skills of the students and give them the practical knowledge on various Projects and Programming languages. We provide such Practical Training to the Students which helps them to involve in the competitive World for their bright future

AutoCad(2D & 3D)

  • Introduction of autocad,User Cordinate System, Function Keys, Making Objects Using Grid & Snap, line & Circle Command.
  • Object Tracking,Polar Tracking, Units, Line type, Ltscale,Lweight, Zoom, Properties, Pan Limits.
  • Understanding Object Snap Polygon, Rectangle, ellipse, Chamfer, Fillet, Trim, Regon, Pline,Mirror.
  • Array, Offset, Donut, Method of Entity Selection(Window, Crossing Window, Last, previous, all, Window Polygon, Fence)
  • Xline, ray, Mline, Mlstyle, copy, Move, Rotate, Hatch, Point filter.
  • Cal(Mee, IIIe, Rad Dee), Scale, Stretch, Extend, Lengthen.
  • Break, Pedit, Explode, spline ,Text, Mtext, Dbedit, Oops, Grip Editing.
  • Making Block, Inserting Block, Using Autocad Design Center, Xrefs.
  • Layers, Inquiry Commands(id,List, Ddlist, Area, Distance, Masspro.) Purge,Divide & Measure.
  • Dimensioning The Dwg. Modifying Dim.Using Dimstyle.
  • Working In A 3D Space ViewPoint, view, Thickness, Viewport,Shade.
  • Region,Extrude, Union, Intersect, 3dorbit.
  • Using Standard Primitives(Box, Cylinder, Sphere, Cone, Wedge, torus) Revolve, 3d Face.
  • Understanding User Cordinate System(Ucs)
  • Plan,Extruding Along A Path,3Dpoly.
  • Filleting & Chamfering In3D. Slice, Section, Interfere.
  • Solid edit Command's, Setting & Displaying Different Variables Using Setvar(Isolines, Dispsilh, faceratio, Mirrtext, MbuttonPan, Zoomfactor.
  • 3darray,Rotate3d,Mirrer3d,Align.
  • Surface Modeling(Rulesurf, Tabsurf, edgesurf)
  • .Making Objects Using Viewports,Using Paper Space,Preparing A Layout, Mvsetup, Mspace, Pspace, Tilemode,Your Dwg.